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Sketches for a good cause

A few months ago, a member of the Urban Sketchers Rhein-Main approached me and asked me if I could spare a few small pictures to donate to a good cause.

The project is called "20x20" and focuses mainly on pictures in this format by professional and amateur artists – paintings, drawings and photos. The proceeds go to an association that uses the money to fight Noma in Africa – a disease I had never heard of before. Apparently, it causes destruction of the face and even death in children in a very short time. Treated early with antibiotics, it doesn't have to come to that. More information here.

20x20 Project

As the institutional or governmental help on the ground is currently not sufficient, private organisations and individuals have to become active to finance the medication. Therefore, I was happy to support. In previous years, more than 36,000 Euros have been raised through this art campaign.

Currently, I didn't have any small acrylic paintings at hand, but I did have a few bridge sketches that I hadn't used for the exhibition in the Historical museum, and which would otherwise have just gathered dust in the drawer anyway. However, since I had drawn them in A4 and didn't have the heart to trim them down, they slightly exceed the given format. At least I am in good company, a good part of the works are larger and there are even a few sculptures.

Sketches of bridges

In total, more than 300 works were donated this year, which can be auctioned online. The starting bid is 10 Euros each, so you can get some art for little money and do some good.

On May 10th, there was also the vernissage in Ingelheim am Rhein in a beautiful wine cellar. In beautiful weather, many people came to marvel and support. Local wineries took care of the physical well-being at their own expense, so the guests were provided with drinks and small delicacies. An evening full of appreciation and positive vibes.

Vernissage pictures
Vernissage time!

Have a look, maybe you like something. We are already in the final spurt – the auction only runs until May 31st 2023.

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