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Jeanette Bohn

Painter & designer


My story is that of a person who broke out again and again. From the small town. From supposed career paths. From imposed rules.

In my art, I break out of everyday life, I can try things out, sound things out and live them out. My works are simultaneously reflections of myself and the world through my own eyes.


My acrylic paintings are created in layers over a longer period of time. It is a dance of intuitive experimentation and rational consideration – “controlled coincidence,” so to speak.


My range of tools currently ranges from brushes to spatulas to rollers and even trowels. I often use leftovers to create raw materials for new works, for example papers with traces of paint that can be incorporated into a new picture.

I draw inspiration from contemporary and modern art, music and everyday found objects. Even though I'm currently working in acrylic, I don't want to commit myself to it. I would rather see in which direction my creativity will take me in the future.



Exhibition of the BBK at the Museumsuferfest
in Frankfurt a. M.
(group exhibition)


Exhibition of the 20x20 project of the Kunstverein Ingelheim

(group exhibition)

10/2022 – 04/2023

Exhibition "City Views" at the Frankfurt Historical Museum with my project "Bridging Frankfurt" (group exhibition)


Exhibition of the Urban Sketchers Rhein-Main at Druckwasserwerk


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