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A year of premieres

This year, I have once again taken many small steps towards "more art". They were often new and challenging.


I joined the BBK – the professional association of visual artists, specifically the one in Frankfurt. In Germany, this is the institution that networks and supports artists through various regional and local associations. As I didn't study art, but design, I had to go through a jury examination. It's not something that can be taken for granted, so I was very pleased when it worked out.


Membership enables me to make contacts and take part in competitions and exhibitions. I also now have a card that certifies me as an artist. Pretty awesome!


I exhibited a few of my acrylic paintings for the first time through the association, with all the trimmings – framing, hanging, pricing, supervising. I learnt a lot and was as proud as punch. Incidentally, it wasn't in a small gallery, but at the Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt, where millions of visitors flock every year. Maybe not all of them went to the 'art meadow' and not all of them to our art tent, but it was still a great opportunity.


Me and a selection of paintings from 2023

I also donated pictures for the first time and was very touched that it raised a lot of money for a good cause. There were six watercolour sketches that I had drawn in preparation for my bridge project. These were auctioned off for a total of 160 euros and the money went to an organisation that works in developing countries to prevent and treat the disease noma in children. It feels surreal that I was able to contribute to this with just a few drawings.


I have also done commissioned work – an album cover for a band and a watercolour for a house move. Both were enriching experiences, as I was largely given a free hand and was able to contribute very freely.


I also redesigned my website and set up a newsletter to be able to announce things like exhibitions independently of social media.


All the while, I continued to paint, draw and experiment. Even though I won't be able to finish the Kezia series this year, I'm happy with the direction I've taken and am enjoying the process.


Last but not least, I handed over two more podcaster portraits and was once again pleased to be able to give something back in this way for all the years of great entertainment.


I'm looking forward to the next steps in 2024 – have a great start to the new year!

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